They say that money corrupts you, but I can’t really tell

It’s that time of year again when I worry about money.

I mean, money is a concern all the time. Kay and I make decent pay, but we also have a lot of debt, and a 4-year-old. Money’s almost always tight. We’re always working to try and improve that, but it’s slow going.

This time of year is particularly bad because of Crossed Genres. As some of you may recall, just slightly under a year ago I posted about the most unpleasant part of running an SFF magazine. I haven’t pulled the numbers together yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the $1500 net loss is the same in 2010 – probably even greater.

This year, part of the reason for it is because CG isn’t just a magazine any more. Last year all we had to worry about was the issues and the 1st anthology. Right now, we’ve got the issues, the 2nd anthology, A Festival of Skeletons, the Science in My Fiction contest, the fiction on the SiMF blog, a dealer’s table at Boskone… etc. etc. There’s a lot of other little things that we weren’t doing last year too, like sending out print proof copies (we’re wiser in how to run things, but not necessarily cheaper).

And it’s all good stuff. I don’t feel like we’re wasting money. But it’s more than we had to spend last year – LOTS more. We had some good income from the SiMF contest kickstarter, but that’s mostly been used up getting the books printed and shipped. The A Festival of Skeletons Kickstarter is doing okay, but in honesty preorders for Festival are disappointing, despite the extremely good reviews.

So yeah – I’m worried. Worried that we’re not going to make it through the end of this year with our finances intact. Worried we may have to eliminate all but the 2 or 3 core CG projects. It’s absolutely the LAST thing we want to do, but the next few months may force our hand. We need a Rigor Amortis-type explosion.

Christmas is right around the corner, too. Whee!

And before anyone gets on me about my computer or mine and Kay’s iPhones: remember, those are tax-deductible business expenses. They’ve dramatically improved how efficient we are at running CG, and I’m not just saying that – they truly have. And we cut corners in other places so those could happen.

And I still feel guilty about the computer.

Post title from “This is the Life” by Weird Al Yankovic

3 thoughts on “They say that money corrupts you, but I can’t really tell”

  1. More than $1500? Ouch! That’s well beyond ‘labor of love’ and into ‘great pain’. I will keep publicizing and writing about (and for!) CG.

    And if anyone gives you trouble about the computer or phones, send them to me. I’ll straighten them out for you.

  2. This may be a case of inquiring about the obvious, but have you looked into grants for the Arts in your city/state? I mention this because I only found out last weekend that the city of Toronto offers grants to writers.

    Wish I was going to WFC so I could spread the word there. Meantime, I will keep brainstorming and looking for more online promo oppportunities.

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