Good News Giveaway: interesting, inspiring, odd, and the winner!

The Good News Giveaway was a pretty good success! There were a total of 14 entries – not bad! Not surprisingly (to anyone who knows me), a lot of them were writing related. I thought I’d share a few of the most unique, unusual, etc., and give out some non-awards, and ebooks!

Best Story About Writing

This award goes to Tammy Salyer, for her blog post The Magic of Mentors. Tammy tells how she dusted off a snippet of story written over 5 years ago as an exercise in a writing workshop, polished it up, and got it accepted for publication! It’s always exciting to get published, and rejuvenating an old favorite is especially gratifying.
Honorable Mention goes to Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who tweeted that he “Got final contract for my first novel and sold first short story to an antho.” This is awesome success but I gave the edge to Tammy for her more complete telling of the tale, which was very satisfying to read.

For this award, Tammy gets a copy of the latest issue of GUD Magazine!

Best Personal/Non-Personal Share

Via Twitter, Jetse DeVries shared a link not personal to him, but significant to many:

“This makes me hopeful: Apart from Terry Pratchett, it would make other Alzheimer patients happy.”

The linked article is about significant progress being made towards a nasally-delivered vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease (with which author Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed, hence the mention). There are instances of Alzheimer’s in my family, and for everyone out there who is or knows someone at-risk for the frightening disease, this is great news. (The vaccine is a 2-in-1, also protecting against strokes. Double bonus!)
Because Jetse tweeted from the @shineanthology twitter account (he is the editor, after all), he gets a copy of the CGP anthology Crossed Genres Year Two.

Most Interesting Interpretation of ‘Good News’

“Good news, Everyone~ We finally finished packing up all of my father in law’s porn.”

I can say with absolute honesty that I never expected to see both “father-in-law” and “porn” in the same #GoodNewsShare. But that’s exactly what ImpChan sent. I asked for clarification – and got it. “My father in law passed away, and we need to pack up his house so we can sell it. That includes his porn.” While the explanation took away a bit of the oddness of the story, this is still pretty unusual, though I can see how from ImpChan’s point of view it’s good to have that awkward task out of the way.

I kind of wish I had an erotic anthology to give away for this one, but instead ImpChan can enjoy the first issue of M-Brane Press’ new fantasy zine, Fantastique Unfettered!

The ‘Every Good News Award Needs a Cute Pets Video’ Award

Though I have to say, when tessercat said “We have a new puppy. She is adorable. And best of all, the cat likes her!” I was expecting something a bit different. There’s not a lot of love, or even ‘like’ in that cat from what I can see. Here’s further photographic evidence that the cat is, in fact, plotting the new arrival’s downfall.

For this multimedia gem, tessercat gets a copy of the M-Brane Press collection The 12 Burning Wheels by Cesar Torres.

The Close To Home Award

This one is a tie! Between Casey Seda and Clothdragon!

Casey got 2 good pieces of news: First, when he successfully defended the research for his dissertation, thereby putting him just one (admittedly large) step away from completing Grad School; and second, when he found out he was awarded a $750 grant to present his research at a conference! Yay academic achievement!
And speaking of academic achievement, but on the other end of the spectrum, Clothdragon shared:

“Little Girl [her daughter], who is having trouble with spelling, was able to call out Husband for spelling a word wrong. It may seem a little thing, it is a little thing, but it’s a step past being able to spell when you KNOW you’re right and someone else is wrong. (Yes, he did it purposely — because he’s quirky like that.)”

(As someone with a 4-year-old, I’m a sucker for stories about kids hitting learning milestones!)
For this excellent academia, Casey and Clothdragon each get BOTH: an ebook of GUD issue #5, AND an ebook of Crossed Genres Issue 24 (double-sized Characters of Color issue)!

And now…


The Winner of the first Good News Giveaway is…


Over on Livejournal, torreybird shared this wonderful snippet of news:

On Monday, my husband left his career to pursue his passion: knifemaking. I could not be more excited, more thrilled, more eagerly awaiting, more proud: with all of the risks tallied, the budgets examined, the uncertainties of the economy, he is courageous and clear-headed.

Now, knifemaking isn’t my thing. But that’s not the point. The point is that it’s his, and he’s going for it. It takes a great deal of courage, dedication and passion to give up your career, especially with the job market and economy the way they are, to pursue a dream. Most people in the world probably won’t ever do this. So to him I offer a big congratulations, and that also extends to torreybird, for recognizing his desire to pursue a dream and encouraging it, rather than standing in the way to play it safe. That takes just as much courage.


Everyone who has a book coming, please email me at bartleib-at-subvertthespace-dot-com. To everyone who participated: THANK YOU! And I hope everyone who reads this is a bit cheerier than they were before.

5 thoughts on “Good News Giveaway: interesting, inspiring, odd, and the winner!”

  1. What a great way to start a Monday. 🙂 Really enjoyed reading the good news stories.

    As for the cat & puppy – it’s all a matter of perspective (and lack of good video camera). Evidence will continue to accrue. 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thank you Bart! So glad I had such great news to share (obviously, I’m glad about that…) Just showed my husband, who got very quietly dimply-around-the-beard. 🙂 It’s an adventure, and we’re so lucky to be on it.

  3. Thanks, Bart!

    I loved the contest, but am a little bit saddened that you got only 14 entries. It should have been 14,000 (OK: 140 would have been OK, too).

    Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed the winning entries (mine excluded: I leave that for other to be judged). They show that the upbeat side of the spectrum is at least as interesting as the downbeat one (but I would say that, right?).

    Keep up the good work, and looking forward to Crossed Genres Year Two!

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