Shave my head & donate the hair to charity? You can make me!

So this thing started on Twitter. I commented that I really hoped Crossed Genres’ newest publication, Broken Slate (Out this Friday), does well, and added “If it does… I will shave my head!”

Then Kay retweeted it, and people started asking what constituted “well enough” to make me go ahead with it, and then there was talk of donating the hair, and people saying “YES! What a great idea!”, and…

So I opened my big mouth. Guess I should know better! But seeing as how it could help 2 good causes… I guess if enough people are interested, I’ll put my hair on the chopping block.

If Crossed Genres sells 100 copies of Broken Slate this Friday, July 15, I will shave my head and donate the hair to Wigs For Kids:

Wigs for Kids is a nonprofit organization providing hair replacement solutions for children affected by hair loss as a result of burns, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, alopecia, or other medical circumstances, referred by a medical professional and unable to pay for a hairpiece after seeking assistance from all other resources The hairpieces and services are provided without any associated costs to the families of the children.

(Wigs For Kids is recommended by the American Cancer Society.)

Bear in mind, we’re not talking about just a little hair, or a short-term thing. This is what my hair looks like right now:

I’ve had long hair for over 20 years. The one time I ever cut it during those decades was when I was 23. For a job. I donated the hair then, too, but I still felt like a tool the second it was done. I swore I’d never cut my hair again unless I wanted to.

Well, I think this is a good reason to, so I’m all for it. But I’d like to hear that other people think it’s a good idea, too. What do you say? If I do this, will you purchase a copy of Broken Slate on Friday to help us reach the goal?

(Oh, and if anyone else wants to promise their own hair for donation too, that would be brilliant! Check out the donation guidelines here.)

4 thoughts on “Shave my head & donate the hair to charity? You can make me!”

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