The Next Big Thing – Work in Progress

Posted by kayholt on May 9, 2013 in editing, writing |

Gathering Meanders is a story of two grown women having the time of their lives, with all the intense turns and slapstick detours that entails.

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INK is Indelible

Posted by kayholt on October 15, 2012 in editing, politics, publishing |

This book climbed right inside my heart and held it tight until the end. This book kept me awake nights back when it was just an early draft, even before I knew we’d get to publish it. Readers, rest up. INK releases tomorrow.

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Blogging Like It’s Livejournal, Back In The Day

Posted by kayholt on September 19, 2012 in editing, publishing, work, writing |

I tore my shirt sleeve this morning, but I was already at work so I couldn’t just change. Because my cubicle is a veritable ice box, I’d already been planning to bundle up with the black jacket that I keep on the back of my cubicle chair, but still. I started my workday annoyed. But […]

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Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, GOOD!

Posted by kayholt on May 30, 2012 in editing, family, publishing, work |

Work, work, work. I love working. Free time is good, too, because I have a lot of projects to labor on at home, but I find industrious leisure even more satisfying when it’s married to steady, paid employment. And if a job is less than dreamy? Well. At least it’s fodder for my fiction. Or, […]

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Reading Subversion (Day 6: The End)

Posted by kayholt on January 31, 2012 in editing, politics, publishing, writing |

The end has arrived. These are the last two stories in the Subversion anthology, but at least they provide a fine sendoff. Both warn us about the dangers of being manipulated by extremism, and both emphasize the value of personal responsibility as the antidote for that social ill. Timothy T. Murphy’s Received Without Content raises […]

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Reading Subversion (Day 4)

Posted by kayholt on January 18, 2012 in editing, publishing, writing |

The next three stories in the Subversion anthology are all about germination; growth and change from within. Each reveals a different sort of transformation of a different type of group, but all these stories follow one person taking one step in the right direction. They show us that leaders must first revolutionize themselves before they […]

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Reading Subversion (Day 3)

Posted by kayholt on January 15, 2012 in editing, publishing, writing |

The next two stories in the Subversion anthology are about second chances and trading comfort for purpose. Barbara Krasnoff’s The Red Dybbuk is the story of a tradition of subversion.  It reminds us that even progressive social movements have roots. Times change, the torch is passed, and new generations rise to the occasion. Some generations […]

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Excerpt: ‘In A Dangerous Wild’ (My Space Tramps Short Story)

Posted by kayholt on September 23, 2011 in editing, publishing, writing |

Now everyone can read an excerpt from my short story, ‘In a Dangerous Wild.’ It appears in the the Space Tramps anthology from Flying Pen Press. *** “Araceli! Look at you, all gravved-up and with a moonbase of your own!” Far La stripped half out of her spacesuit to embrace her friend properly. Petite though […]

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Homemade Video Cobbler

Posted by kayholt on August 2, 2011 in editing, family, vlogging, work |

Have you ever made something just because you had the materials for it? Like the time I made pancakes from scratch because I wandered into the pantry and the ingredients practically threw themselves off the shelves at me in their eagerness to be transformed into something greater than parts of a sum? After the moment […]

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My Cool is Without Harsh: ZZzz…

Posted by kayholt on July 27, 2011 in editing, health, vlogging, writing |

WARNING: Don’t watch the following drowse-inducing videos while operating machinery. (This is a case of generally good advice being especially apt in the moment.) Once upon a time, there was a really high-strung person in the world. Sleepless, edgy, and all a-twitch all the time… Okay, I’m talking about myself. Rather, I would be talking […]

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