Twisting The Ritual Knife

Posted by kayholt on November 22, 2012 in family, politics |

I dislike Thanksgiving for a number of reasons – some principled and some personal – but for the people I love in spite of tradition, I usually abstain from speaking my mind during the holiday. Most holidays, in fact, but especially Thanksgiving. Novelly, I’m breaking my ‘tradition of buttoning it’, this year. My opinion is […]

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Posted by kayholt on September 19, 2012 in family, work, writing |

Once upon a time, I used to blog regularly. That’s not right… I blog all the time. That’s what if feels like, anyway, but this is truer: As the end of calendar month approaches, I marathon blog. Six or seven posts in six or seven days. Reading, editing, and writing fiction happens during weekday commutes, […]

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Use Your Fighting Words

Posted by kayholt on June 29, 2012 in family, politics |

I spent the first half of my life covering my head (sometimes literally) and waiting for cruelty to wind back down to ambient disdain. Now that nobody’s routinely putting gun barrels in my face because I refuse to use racial epithets, or because I won’t confine myself to ‘women’s work,’ I am finally free to […]

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Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, GOOD!

Posted by kayholt on May 30, 2012 in editing, family, publishing, work |

Work, work, work. I love working. Free time is good, too, because I have a lot of projects to labor on at home, but I find industrious leisure even more satisfying when it’s married to steady, paid employment. And if a job is less than dreamy? Well. At least it’s fodder for my fiction. Or, […]

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Happy 8th Anniversary to Bart and Kay!

Posted by kayholt on February 1, 2012 in family, vlogging |

We’ve been married 8 years, and it’s finally come to this: A schmoopy slideshow video for posterity. Groan along with us, won’t you?

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Whoosh! Clunk! Splosh! Ding!

Posted by kayholt on December 28, 2011 in family, Geek Mom Posts, vlogging |

My family just finished our annual series of holiday science experiments. Watch them! Better yet, duplicate them with your family! The balloon rocket, soda bottle ‘scuba’ diver, and flashlight ‘laser’ target practice are my favorites. In case you’re feeling doubly ambitious, here are eight more festive experiments:

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Promised I’d Share Gift Art

Posted by kayholt on December 26, 2011 in art, family |

To show affection without going broke, I made art for my family this Festivus. I promised to share it with you, and here it is! Summer Cottage by ~sandykidd on deviantART

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Parent Hack: Read An Excerpt From Subversion

Posted by kayholt on December 6, 2011 in family, publishing, writing |

I wrote a story called Parent Hack. It has troubled kids making troubling decisions in a troubled system. It’s about necessity and the invention of family.  There’s an excerpt below to entice you to buy the book my story is in. *** A hidden intercom crackled, “What do you want?” Nicolas’s keen, dark eyes spotted […]

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Food, Flesh, and Funds: An Unconventional Birthday Invitation

Posted by kayholt on August 4, 2011 in family, health |

On August 6th, I’ll be 31 years old. I wouldn’t bring it up because 31 isn’t one of those milestone years that people tend to get excited about, but after three decades (plus 1/10th of a decade) of life I’ve finally caught on that many people also care about the little birthdays in between. They […]

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Homemade Video Cobbler

Posted by kayholt on August 2, 2011 in editing, family, vlogging, work |

Have you ever made something just because you had the materials for it? Like the time I made pancakes from scratch because I wandered into the pantry and the ingredients practically threw themselves off the shelves at me in their eagerness to be transformed into something greater than parts of a sum? After the moment […]

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