Twisting The Ritual Knife

Posted by kayholt on November 22, 2012 in family, politics |

I dislike Thanksgiving for a number of reasons – some principled and some personal – but for the people I love in spite of tradition, I usually abstain from speaking my mind during the holiday. Most holidays, in fact, but especially Thanksgiving. Novelly, I’m breaking my ‘tradition of buttoning it’, this year. My opinion is […]

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INK is Indelible

Posted by kayholt on October 15, 2012 in editing, politics, publishing |

This book climbed right inside my heart and held it tight until the end. This book kept me awake nights back when it was just an early draft, even before I knew we’d get to publish it. Readers, rest up. INK releases tomorrow.

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Use Your Fighting Words

Posted by kayholt on June 29, 2012 in family, politics |

I spent the first half of my life covering my head (sometimes literally) and waiting for cruelty to wind back down to ambient disdain. Now that nobody’s routinely putting gun barrels in my face because I refuse to use racial epithets, or because I won’t confine myself to ‘women’s work,’ I am finally free to […]

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Reading Subversion (Day 6: The End)

Posted by kayholt on January 31, 2012 in editing, politics, publishing, writing |

The end has arrived. These are the last two stories in the Subversion anthology, but at least they provide a fine sendoff. Both warn us about the dangers of being manipulated by extremism, and both emphasize the value of personal responsibility as the antidote for that social ill. Timothy T. Murphy’s Received Without Content raises […]

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Read, Subversive! Read!

Posted by kayholt on December 5, 2011 in politics, publishing, writing |

The thing about fighting for our lives is that it’s usually nothing like the movies. Yes, there are riots and heroic medical interventions in real life, but ‘the good fight’ is better defined as a lifelong campaign of small resistive acts than it is by its few explosive battles. In the spirit of long wars […]

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Why Not Me?

Posted by kayholt on January 7, 2011 in editing, politics, publishing |

If Bill O’Reilly gets to interview President Obama, then why not me? I mean, I’m smarter than Bill. At least, I know that the moon causes tides… It may take years to accomplish (because I don’t have all of Fox’s idiot money backing me), but I will interview President Obama. I’ll finish reading his books, […]

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Democrats Get Stuff Done

Posted by kayholt on November 2, 2010 in politics |

Americans, whatever else you do today, VOTE! And when you vote, please bear the following in mind: Democrats get stuff done.

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Vote NO on Massachusetts Ballot Questions in 2010!

Posted by kayholt on October 30, 2010 in politics |

I’ll make this as easy as possible for you: Every Massachusetts voter should VOTE NO on all three ballot questions on November 2nd 2010. Question 3 would cut our sales tax in half, but if you like icy roads salted and potholes filled, VOTE NO on question 3. Question 2 makes it easier for developers […]

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Teabagger Hijacks Culture

Posted by kayholt on October 13, 2010 in politics |

It’s pretty clear that Christine O’Donnell wouldn’t know a real witch if one dropped a house on her. But she’s foolish even for a teabagger if she thought the internet wouldn’t catch her trying to co-opt an iconic viral video for her own nefarious purposes. Once upon a time, that fool Christine tried to smear […]

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Just a minute! (not as urgent as it sounds)

Posted by kayholt on September 15, 2010 in family, politics |

Tired this morning. Again. Bitching out the cable company yesterday was taxing – I’m generally intractable, but not usually so LOUD. After commuting with tea, a little cubicle yoga un-harshed my cool. In the middle of the wtf-AM, Bastian had a mystery meltdown as we crossed the threshold into school. Poor dude. I gave him […]

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