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When I was in high school, I ran across a small ad in the newspaper for an upcoming Dylan concert in the area. Somehow it had gotten past the proofreaders and into print with a big headline proclaiming “BOB DLYAN”. Even then I was flabbergasted and mildly offended, and wondered if someone got reprimanded or fired for such a gaffe. Thus ends the Editor!Geek story.

A short post today, and not my usual fare:

1) I just read this post on racebending.com, which systematically breaks down all the many, many ways that the Avatar: the Last Airbender film disenfranchises underrepresented groups, despite the director insisting that it’s the most culturally diverse film in history. I haven’t seen the film beyond a few online clips – I refuse to pay any money to see it – but this article, and his own comments, pretty much guarantee that I’ll never see anything M. Night Shyamalan makes ever again. It’s done a pretty good job of souring me on Paramount too, honestly. Reading this article, there were several times where I was so floored by the blatant racism and sexism that I thought I couldn’t be more stunned, only to read a bit further and have the same sensation again.

2) In this interview, Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, talks about “…our insistence on separating blue-collar jobs from white-collar jobs, and encouraging one form of education over another.” He makes some excellent points: “The real enemies of job satisfaction are drudgery and boredom, and those can be found just as readily in cubicles as they can in ditches.” He also talks about his online resource center, mikeroweworks.com. It’s a very interesting read.

3) Kay wrote an article about geek parents addressing bullying over at GeekMom. Many of us come from childhoods where we were bullied for being different. Now, as parents, how do we handle our kids being confronted with the same things? Are geeks better prepared for this than other parents? I strongly encourage everyone to read it!

4) It’s perfect that I was given a link to this the same day that Kay’s post went up. A 6-year-old girl named Katie was teased at school about her Star Wars water bottle (“They say it’s only for boys.”) so badly that she begged her mother to let her take a plain pink one instead. Her mom reached out to girl geeks everywhere, and the response has been inspiring. Katie and her mom are reading the over 2300 comments on the original story and this repost page, and Katie’s getting her confidence back. Read the story, and consider leaving Katie a message.

Post title from “Desolation Row” by Bob Dylan

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