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I offer freelance book design and layout services. I have done the layout work for nearly all of Crossed Genres Publications‘ forty-plus titles, and most of the cover designs as well.

A few examples of my work (click the images to see full size):

Cover: Ink by Sabrina Vourvoulias

Copyright and Table of Contents: Fierce Family (anthology)

Page One: Fierce Family (anthology)

More samples available upon request. You can also see many examples of my design and layout work via Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature:

Process and Duration

I work with every client to ensure we’re on the same page (pun intended). We’ll discuss specific options regarding how to suit the appearance to the content. My two main goals with your project are 1) make your title aesthetically attractive in a way that evokes the feel of the title’s content, and 2) ensure your title is easy to read.

Begin the process by contacting me with details regarding your project: Pages/wordcount; the book’s dimensions; a short description of what the book is about; and your deadline for completion. We’ll discuss your project in detail and once we’re both satisfied with the design concepts, the rate, and the time frame, I’ll get started. You’ll receive regular updates regarding my progress, and you’ll have multiple opportunities to request revisions.

The interior for a full-length title can take two to five weeks, depending on length and how complicated it is. I can provide a more accurate estimate once I know the details of the project. Rush projects may be possible for a higher rate: please query.



I charge $2.50 per page for typical titles. More complex projects (containing numerous interior images, for example) may be more. If you’re uncertain whether your title is of the complicated variety, please query.


Cover design (Front, spine and back) rates vary depending on numerous factors, especially on whether you have artwork for the front cover; you want to commission original artwork, or purchase the rights to existing artwork; or you want to use stock or public domain art/photography. This variable can have a huge impact in the amount of time a cover will require. Please query with specifics on your situation and request a quote.


Is something on this page unclear? Please email metafrantic-AT-gmail-DOT-com or fill out this online form and I’ll get back to you quickly.

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