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Birthday favor – not for me, for my son!

My birthday is coming right up, on December 10. I don’t really ask for things for my birthday. Despite some of the social and financial issues we’ve had recently, Kay, Baz and I are doing okay and are mostly pretty happy.

However, I was hoping that some of you might consider, as a birthday favor to me, doing something nice for my son Bastian! He’s had a bit of a rough year – some of it I won’t get into, but we did pull him out of school a few months ago and are home schooling him (which he’s happy about). A lot of changes in his life recently have definitely stressed him out.

Baz has decided he wants to do a series of Advent videos this year. He’s seen Youtubers do it in recent years (like Hannah from the Yogscast, for example) and thinks it would be fun. He’s got the right sort of personality for it too! 😉

So if you’d be extremely kind and do me a BIG birthday favor… would you send Baz something to open in one of his Advent videos? It can be a short letter, or a small inexpensive gift – something to surprise him so he can have a genuine reaction on camera! It can be anonymous or he can mention you by name, whichever you prefer.

Advent starts on November 29 and runs for 25 days. If you’d like to send something or have questions, please email me at Thanks!

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