Crowdfunding Consultant

Crowdfunding Consultation

I offer my services as an consultant for crowdfunding projects. I’ve been called at various times a “guru”, a “wizard”, “brilliant”, etc. for my knowledge and insight into making crowdfunding projects successful (and have now earned the title of Grand Vizier – hey, that’s new). I’ve advised on numerous projects and every single one has reached its goal, even one which was only 1/3 funded with 6 days to go when they contacted me. Most projects I’ve advised have gone on to eclipse their goals by very wide margins.

“[Bart] sent me such a long email with so much fantastic and important critique. He found so many things that everyone else missed that would have totally imploded the project. He helped me fine tune everything until it was as close to perfect as it could ever be.”
~ Megan Rose Gedris, for YU+ME Complete Series Omnibi

Some projects I advised on:

  • NEW: The Legend of Tarot ($16,870 – 241%)
  • NEW: Rival Angels Series 2 ($4,005 – 200%)
  • Erstwhile Fairy Tales, Volume 2 ($30,142 – 120%)
  • Decrypting Rita, Volume 2 ($9,313 – 155%)
  • YU+ME Complete Series Omnibi ($57,007 – 285%)
  • UPGRADED: A Cyborg Anthology edited by Neil Clarke ($16,094 – 160%)
  • Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond ($16,450 – 110%; was 1/3 funded with 6 days left before I advised)
  • GUD Magazine Issue 7 ($3,747 – 107%)
  • “Bart’s feedback on my campaign helped smooth out all the rough edges and eliminated the rookie mistakes I would have made. Highly recommended.”
    ~ Neil Clarke, for UPGRADED: A Cyborg Anthology

    Of course I developed this knowledge by running my own campaigns for Crossed Genres. All four five of my CG campaigns were successful, despite being in a category (Publishing) where only 32% of projects reach their goal (on Kickstarter, at least). My 2013 project, Long Hidden, reached 263%, and at $31,597 was the 7th-highest project in the Publishing > Fiction category. The 2012 project reached $15,611 (390% of goal), and in 2014 we reached $18,839.

    In the past I’ve mostly advised pro bono. But even light advising can take a lot of time and effort, and with my personal finances extremely tight, I need any time expenditure like that to help make ends meet.


    You pay nothing unless your project reaches full funding. I want that to be clear right up front. If you don’t reach funding then I clearly didn’t advise you well enough. I only get paid once your project has closed with at least 100% funding.

    My advice covers reward values/levels; your pitch; your video; budgeting; reward fulfillment; realistic timelines; etc. My skills as an editor will help with proofreading and making your project sound as compelling as possible.

    I offer 2 tiers of help:

    1) Advice on already-prepared project. You put together the project and show it to me prior to launch. I review it and make suggestions for improvements and strategies.

    • Projects seeking less than $1000: $50
    • Projects seeking $1000 to $15,000: $100
    • Projects seeking over $15000: Tell me your project and I’ll quote a price.

    2) Co-building your project. You bring the project to me, we talk about it, and we work together to build the campaign right from the ground up.

    • Projects seeking less than $1000: $100
    • Projects seeking $1000 to $15,000: $250
    • Projects seeking over $15000: Tell me your project and I’ll quote a price.

    Also if your project is successful I’d appreciate a shout-out. =)

    Getting started

    Interested in crowdfunding advice? Email me at metafrantic-AT-gmail-DOT-com, or fill out this contact form. Put “Crowdfunding advice” in the subject line so I know what your email’s about.

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