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You don’t owe me a thing, I’ve been there too

We had a bit of a scare earlier this week when a shipment of 80 books we’d ordered got lost by USPS. Fortunately yesterday we got a satisfactory solution to the problem, but for a day there I was both enraged and very worried. Clearly the universe thinks I need more stress. (For the record: the universe is wrong.)

I just posted the Table of Contents for CG’s upcoming Characters of Color issue (11/1). I love this issue: I feel very proud that the last issue Kay and I are the editors for is so exceptional.

I admit that I’m a little sad about not editing the magazine any more. It feels very weird that after more than 2 years, it won’t be a regular monthly part of my life. every time I’ve worked on my schedule recently I feel like something’s missing. But i’ve got plenty more going on so it’s not like I’m bored! 😉

Speaking of the magazine – Big Things are afoot! There’ll be some pretty major changes coming under Jaym and Natania’s regime. We’re still talking about it all. There’ll probably be an announcement or three relatively soon.

My schedule right now currently consists of getting issue 24 finished and ready to go, and waiting for the various proof copies we’re anticipating. I ordere 3 different proofs at the same time a couple days ago! Issue 24, Crossed Genres Year Two, and the final-final (hopefully) proof for A Festival of Skeletons! Gonna be brilliant to get that package in the mail! (assuming it arrives…)

(Don’t forget – there’s only 10 days left to preorder A Festival of Skeletons! Do it now!)

Of course, those aren’t the only things on my plate ATM. Most of the rest is fiddly little things, and then there’s my other big super-sekrit project. That one’s coming together very nicely, and it’ll pick up somewhat in November. Exciting! Not ready to talk about it yet, though. [/tease]

The next couple of months sure look crazy. Lots of changes, lots of work, and the holidays, which are always stressful. Plus they disrupt our schedule. Also releases of Festival and CGY2. urgh…

Poor Baz had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and got FOUR shots. I wasn’t there (at work), but Kay said he did really well, even though he did cry after the first two. I so don’t blame him. Since then he’s been complaining that his legs hurt, so much that Kay kept him home from school today. He’s such a sweet kid and I feel so terrible when he’s hurting, even for a good thing like immunizations. But he was somewhat consoled by knowing that the shots were to help him fight germs – it’s SCIENCE! 😉

I had a lot of fun with Baz the last couple days, but tonight it’s my turn to hunker down and work. Still a ton to do. Will I ever get to write again? Well I’m sure as hell gonna try in November!

Post title from “The Chain of Love” by Clay Walker