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Taking blood and making art


So you may have heard about the recent flap surrounding the GOP being really really scared of women’s bodies. Short version: Last week, in response to the Florida House of Representatives passing an anti-union bill, Democratic Rep Scott Randolph make a crack about how maybe his wife should “incorporate her uterus” to stop Republicans from pushing measures that would restrict abortions. The GOP leadership, rather than responding to the obvious political criticism, told Randolph not to use “language that would be considered inappropriate for children and other guests” – in other words, the word “uterus”.

This of course has triggered a shitstorm of laughter, mockery and criticism, while effectively highlighting what the current attack on Planned Parenthood is really about.

Yesterday, in reaction to all the absurdity, Kay commented on Twitter: “So many bad politicians are afraid of my #uterus that having one is starting to feel like having a superpower. #fierce”

The comment was met with much amusement and a lively discussion about the supernatural abilities of girl-junk, or those granted abilities for having girl-junk. And the end result was Kay’s coming home yesterday evening, and making this:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperUterus!

At the request of a lot of people, Kay put this brilliant image on merch: t-shirts, mugs, you name it. And All profits from the sale of SuperUterus gear will be donated to Planned Parenthood! What, you need a better reason to buy? I didn’t think so. Go! Now!

BTW, in case you were wondering, this is what Planned Parenthood actually does. Note the remarkably slim numbers for abortions. (Also, The Hyde Amendment prevents federal funding from being used for abortions already.)

Kay and I have been having some long, intense discussions about Crossed Genres Publications – present and future (near and distant). A lot of prioritizing, rearranging, waving sad goodbyes to some ideas that we loved but just wouldn’t pan out, while shaking hands with exciting new things we can’t wait to get started on.

Part of those talks and decisions led to us re-opening CGP to novel submissions: Yay! New guidelines, and hopefully some great new work to publish over the next few years! Queries have started to trickle in already. I’m really excited about it!

Also in the CGP world, I’ve been busting my ass the past few days to figure out various ebook distributors that we haven’t used before, and get our books on them. Soon we’ll have our publications available in a lot more places. Hopefully that’ll help us dig out of our financial hole… Sales have been a mite thin* lately.

I managed to get a story finished! It was one of my longer ones, about 8100 words after all the edits, but still well within the asked-for wordcount range. This was for an anthology I was invited to submit to, so crossing my fingers – it’s a project I’d really like to be part of. Unfortunately due to a ton of work that’s been dumped on me and Kay I’ve had to ditch my plans to submit to another antho. It’s open until the end of May, but there’s just no way I’ll have time to get something written by then. I haven’t even been struck with any inspiration for it yet. Knowing me, I’ll probably think of some brilliant idea 5 days before the deadline, and freak out trying to find time to get it written.

And Sekrit Projekt is coming along! New, good developments! That I can’t talk about! Argh! But it’s good!

Also, since it just happened a few hours ago I’ll throw in one quick comment: About damn time, Red Sox! I’m not generally one to give in to the annual “Well, maybe next year” crap, but 0-6 to start the year? Way to dig yourselves a hole! At least they won the home opener, against the Yankees, no less. Now just 99 more of those…

Post title from “Message From Your Heart” by Kina Grannis:

* “mite thin” = Nonexistent

We’re half the same, half distinct: writing, crazy schedule, and less stress

On Sunday, I had the chance to write! It was the first time I’d had to write since late August. More than six months? That’s no good. That will be fixed.

It’s already been partially fixed, obviously, since I had time. My aforementioned plan to divest myself of some of my responsibilities has been somewhat successful: As of now Rise Reviews is in the hands of 2 capable new Managing Editors; Kay’s taken over fiction editing for Science in My Fiction (SiMF is really her baby anyhow); we’ve finished with Boskone; and I sorted out a ton of small fiddly stuff. Though I still have plenty of stuff, I’ve narrowed the number of things. Much easier to track, and more importantly, much easier to schedule! 😉

One of the things I have on my list is writing stories for two anthologies. When I realized that I had Sunday free to write, I got to work on the one that’s due first.

I was worried that I’d be all rusty after so long without writing. Oh, how silly I was.

Most of Sunday spent writing produced 5500 words and a completed first draft. WOOT! I figured that it would take me through the first week of March to complete the draft – I am so far ahead of where I was expecting to be! I’m already working on the first edits, a week early. YAY!

I haven’t felt this gung-ho about writing in… a couple years, probably. I want to start on the 2nd story! But alas, must edit the first one first.

My schedule is still pretty crazy, especially over the next several months. But I should have time to finish both stories, and still poke at my writing until things settle out a little more, probably through the end of July. “Poking at my writing” in that time will probably mean developing one of my many novel ideas, so around the beginning of August I can get to work writing it. Yayz!

Tho Kay and I lost $ at Boskone, we still had a great time, and didn’t lose as much as we’d thought we would. We’ve decided to try and get a table at ReaderCon, too. It’s harder to get a table at, from what I’ve heard, but I like the con and the guests so we’re going to apply. and cross our fingers. If we do get a table, we’ll see some of you July 14-17!

Kay and I have been getting some early work in on projects that are coming up later this year – just working ahead like we prefer to. We got some terrific news on one of the projects a few days ago… can’t say what it was but we’re very excited!

And speaking of things I can’t talk about, my Sekrit Projekt is much further along! In fact, I’m just waiting for one more piece to fall into place, which should happen around the middle of this month. We’ll see how that goes, but so far, things are going well. The Projekt is a bit behind my initial schedule, but that’s really because of the overload of work I had recently. It’s moving along fine now.

Also, I’m very proud of us. Kay and I were presented with a chance to start a very neat projects, but we’ve postponed even thinking about it for the foreseeable future. It was a chance to work with someone (again) whom we really like/admire too, but we were realistic in assessing the time it would take up and restrained ourselves. I’m relieved, too, because my writing muse was poised over my head with a big blue rubber mallet just in case I got any funny ideas.

And yesterday, when I commented on Twitter about my writing binge, Harry Markov said “I’m glad to see that the stress is down and you are actually writing.” And I realized – I do feel less stressed. I’m still busy, but part of that busy is writing. I finally have the chance to do stuff for me again, not just for the CGP empire. Kay does, too, she’s making progress on her novel. It’s amazing how accomplishing writing can get the stress level down. Hurrah for Escapism-As-Therapy!

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And when it arrives, I’ll smash it with a hammer [Thinning the workload]

On January 20 (last Thursday) I started a blog post about how much work I had, and how much of it was extremely time-sensitive, and how stressed I was feeling over said work. Then I didn’t have time to finish the post. Ah, irony.

Today (Tuesday 1/25) I got a migraine. I had one relatively recently – like, within the past couple months, whereas usually they’re maybe once every 1 to 1 1/2 years. This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve had 2 as close together as these ones. My migraines are pretty debilitating – they impair my vision, make light extremely painful, cause nausea and tend to last at least a full day. I’m fairly useless when I get one… really the best thing to do is go lie down in a dark room, and if possible sleep. (That’s what I did for this one – I went right home from work, got into bed and slept for about 1 1/2 hours, which did help somewhat.)

I’m sure that this migraine was at least in part caused by the sharp cold the Boston area has been experiencing – getting warm, drinking tea and having a hot shower all helped temporarily alleviate the pain. But I’m now 100% convinced that my migraines are primarily triggered by stress.

The amount of work I’ve had that needed to be completed over the past week has been absurd. And even before the migraine I had commented to Kay how unusually stressed I’ve been feeling, how overworked and how much I regret taking on so many things at once. It’s not that any one project sucks, or I don’t like it, but I simply have too much to deal with. The result of the overwork is more stress, and apparently, more migraines. Ironically, a migraine in response to overwork just sets me back further because I can’t work when I have one. (Not to mention that I lose time at the day job and have to use my already-scant PTO.)

Starting immediately, I’m going to be aggressively divesting myself of as many responsibilities as possible. It’s simply not worth it to stress myself out to this level. I still will be doing plenty – I have numerous things that I just have to do, most of which I really want to do, so I’ll still be busy. But more overwork of the kind I’ve had recently has to stop.

I’d also like it if maybe I could actually, you know… write again. That was a goal of mine recently, but it got shunted aside – again – because of other responsibilities. That will be the secondary goal of thinning my responsibilities.

So. I may be talking to some of you about things we do together, or things you’re not involved with but might want to be. Just FYI. I’ve said before that I wanted to lessen my workload. This time I think it’s actually necessary.

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They will tell their empty stories

There’s been a good deal of interest in Rise Reviews since I announced it. I’ve got commitments from reviewers for at least 25 reviews per month, which is excellent. I’d like to reach the point where RR can post at least 1 review every day. That would be kickass. More than that would be even better, but 1/day is a specific goal I want to hit. Anyone else out there with spec fic review experience? Even one review a month would be helpful. Email me.

Also? We are short on fiction by women and people of color for review. We’re a bit low on review material in general, but of what we have, women and people of color are under-represented. Publishers, editors, authors! Email me! Get your writing reviewed! We’ll review novels, anthologies/collections, magazines & podcasts; anything speculative fiction, including LGBTQ, world lit, erotica, etc. As long as it earned at least a token payment, but less than pro rates, we’re interested.

RR has taken a fair bit of my time recently. I was a bit worried about that, but it turns out that I haven’t fallen behind because of it. My other stuff is on track for the most part. I’m a bit surprised at how much pressure has been released already now that we’ve (mostly) handed over the CG zine to Jaym and Natania. I’ve still got plenty to do, but the monthly grind of the issues off my back has been an enormous relief. I can actually skip a day of work for whatever reason and not fall far behind as a result. (I still panic and feel guilty if I skip a day, though. I’m working on that.)

My mom is at this very moment in Botswana! I am unbelievably jealous! Mom is recently retired, and she’s been planning this trip for many months. Considering that she’s recovered from ovarian cancer surgery/treatments, I’m so excited for her. She had Wi-fi access from the first place she stayed, and emailed us a few photos. Including one of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency – she actually was there at the building where they filmed the show. So cool! If she says it’s okay I’ll post the pic, and maybe some more from her trip, sometime in the future. (I’m especially glad now that she decided to upgrade to the iPhone 4 with Kay and I – small, lightweight, and takes high-def photos AND video.)

Baz drew real artz a few days ago! He’s drawn before, but mostly it was kind of random squiggles (which he always said was something specific). He’d also drawn baloons and kites before, mainly because they’re roughly ovals/diamonds with a line coming out of them. But this time he drew himself, riding a skateboard, throwing a ball! It’s a round figure with stick limbs, but it’s very clearly what he wanted to draw, and he did it without any help. We’re very pleased, especially since he hasn’t really shown much inclination to draw things as they actually are before.

More later, assuming something else happens.

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You don’t owe me a thing, I’ve been there too

We had a bit of a scare earlier this week when a shipment of 80 books we’d ordered got lost by USPS. Fortunately yesterday we got a satisfactory solution to the problem, but for a day there I was both enraged and very worried. Clearly the universe thinks I need more stress. (For the record: the universe is wrong.)

I just posted the Table of Contents for CG’s upcoming Characters of Color issue (11/1). I love this issue: I feel very proud that the last issue Kay and I are the editors for is so exceptional.

I admit that I’m a little sad about not editing the magazine any more. It feels very weird that after more than 2 years, it won’t be a regular monthly part of my life. every time I’ve worked on my schedule recently I feel like something’s missing. But i’ve got plenty more going on so it’s not like I’m bored! 😉

Speaking of the magazine – Big Things are afoot! There’ll be some pretty major changes coming under Jaym and Natania’s regime. We’re still talking about it all. There’ll probably be an announcement or three relatively soon.

My schedule right now currently consists of getting issue 24 finished and ready to go, and waiting for the various proof copies we’re anticipating. I ordere 3 different proofs at the same time a couple days ago! Issue 24, Crossed Genres Year Two, and the final-final (hopefully) proof for A Festival of Skeletons! Gonna be brilliant to get that package in the mail! (assuming it arrives…)

(Don’t forget – there’s only 10 days left to preorder A Festival of Skeletons! Do it now!)

Of course, those aren’t the only things on my plate ATM. Most of the rest is fiddly little things, and then there’s my other big super-sekrit project. That one’s coming together very nicely, and it’ll pick up somewhat in November. Exciting! Not ready to talk about it yet, though. [/tease]

The next couple of months sure look crazy. Lots of changes, lots of work, and the holidays, which are always stressful. Plus they disrupt our schedule. Also releases of Festival and CGY2. urgh…

Poor Baz had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and got FOUR shots. I wasn’t there (at work), but Kay said he did really well, even though he did cry after the first two. I so don’t blame him. Since then he’s been complaining that his legs hurt, so much that Kay kept him home from school today. He’s such a sweet kid and I feel so terrible when he’s hurting, even for a good thing like immunizations. But he was somewhat consoled by knowing that the shots were to help him fight germs – it’s SCIENCE! 😉

I had a lot of fun with Baz the last couple days, but tonight it’s my turn to hunker down and work. Still a ton to do. Will I ever get to write again? Well I’m sure as hell gonna try in November!

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A long short weekend

My weekend was short, because there never seems to be enough time to do everything that I want to. It was long because I was irritable and unmotivated, and that makes time pass more slowly.

Short version is, I’m burned out. It’s been over two years since Kay and I started Crossed Genres, and the workload has gradually gotten heavier, not lighter. That’s mostly our own faults for adding new projects and expanding, but it doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

It’s sort of all come to a head in October. This month I have:

Issue 24: Print, ebook and online editions
Issue 24: Write editor’s letter (it’s mine and Kay’s last issue as editors)
Issue 24: Release (technically November 1)
A Festival of Skeletons: Kickstarter
AFoS: Design Kickstarter reward postcards and order them
AFoS: Finalizing various editions
Crossed Genres Year Two: finish Advance Reader Copies, order copies
Crossed Genres Year Two: arrange reviews & send out copies (runs into November)
Subversion anthology: read and select stories (runs into November)
Subversion anthology: prep “pitch” for publishers
Subversion anthology: Select/contact cover artist and discuss terms
Science in My Fiction: Edit short story to be published on 10/25
Broken Slate: post new chapters (2x in Oct.)
CG Turnover: Work with Jaym and Natania on arranging the turnover of the magazine

This is in addition to publicity/promotion and all the fiddly little things that I don’t think about until I have to do them.

So this weekend involved just massive amounts of reading, as much prep as I can do on various things without completed content, etc. etc. Meanwhile Kay is sick, Baz has it a little (here’s hoping he fights it off)… it was a very frustrating weekend. Meanwhile, the success of Rigor Amortis (GO Jaym & Erika! WOO! And Kay has 2 stories in there too!) pretty much killed any potential attention that the A Festival of Skeletons Kickstarter might have gotten, so we’re currently early on the 4th day and haven’t gotten a single solitary pledge, not even $1.

Basically, I need a break. I need a (hopefully extended) period of time in which my CG responsibilities are minimized as much as possible.

Fortunately, starting in November/December there are a number of things that drop away and I’ve got a lot fewer things on my plate. Looking forward to 2011 there are a number of projects but not anything like 2010. And I intend to keep it that way.

I’m going to use that freed up time for myself. Mostly writing. I’ve said recently that I wanted to get back to writing more, and this is a good time/way to do it. Kay has similar desires, so we’re going to do NaNoWriMo next month. We’re NOT going to be crazy-obsessed with hitting the 50,000-word goal… this is more of a getting-back-into-writing exercise using NaNo as a handy excuse. We’re not going to kill ourselves to hit 1,667 words per day – we’re just going to have fun with it and see how far we get. (I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be writing, but I’ll figure something out.) I’m hoping it will give me momentum that will carry into December, when I have even less on my plate and could really take advantage of it.

So… yeah. Sorry if I was a bit short with you over the weekend. I need some free time. And I’m going to make damn sure I get it.

We are the magic makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams.

(I watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Baz today. He enjoyed it. I still appreciate the genius of Gene Wilder. Still don’t like the “You stole Fizzy Lifting Drink” crap, though.)

During the past week Kay and i have had some good conversations with Jaym and Natania about their taking over the Crossed Genres magazine. I’ve been feeling paranoid from the beginning, mainly because CG is our 2nd baby and it’s led to a world of friendships, colleagues, respect, passion and motivation I never expected. But I’m gradually getting more at ease with the idea, in no small part thanks to seeing that we’re putting it into competent and enthusiastic hands.

This has caused me to start thinking about what my schedule will look like once CG is removed from it. Of course I’ll still have fiction editing for SiMF (and the occasional post); my share of publishing A Festival of Skeletons, Crossed Genres Year Two and Broken Slate; editing the Subversion anthology I’m in the process of putting together, and finding a publisher for it; and various other recurring projects next year. But there will be time that I wasn’t expecting to have, probably starting around December/January, and I intend to use it for writing.

I have so many ideas that have been put on hold in various stages of development. I’ve really enjoyed discovering my talent for (and love of) being an editor/publisher, but I’m really starting to miss writing, a lot. I’m only about 5-6 years removed from when I was writing 250,000-300,000 words per year, and while I don’t expect to reach that level again (consistently, anyway), I enjoy writing and want to get back to it.

Of course, first I have to survive October/November, which may end up being, quite literally, the busiest time in my life. It’s going to be very exciting – We’ve got the preorder/Kickstarter drive for Festival, and then the official release (okay that’s technically December 1); the building and release of our oversized Characters of Color issue of CG; the first couple months of SiMF fiction; ; finalizing CGY2 and getting ARCs to reviewers; hunting a cover artist and selecting stories for my Subversion antho (and then start editing it); and transitioning things into Jaym & Natania’s hands. Amongst other things. But my days are going to be absolutely PACKED.

Part of me just wants to run for the hills. But then I wouldn’t be around to see all those amazing things come to fruition, so fuck that noise. Besides, for all the insanely hard work and constant state of low-grade panic (sometimes not so low-grade), I’m having so much damn fun with it all.

And that spare time that I’m anticipating for writing? Kay’s been talking about a project of hers that’s even got me excited for her. And I have a lot more ideas of how to fill up that time for myself.

Someone stop me before I over-commit again!

I can’t have nice things: Extended edition

Days as shitty as today are pretty rare. It takes the accumulation of a lot of things that, on their own, they’re bad but you deal with them and move on. All together, and if you get through the day without punching something then the world got off light.

1) This morning getting off the bus my left foot hit an uneven bit of concrete and I rolled my ankle, hard. I’ve had bad sprains before but nothing like this since the bad tennis sprain in high school. That one permanently weakened my right ankle, so I just have to hope that’s not the case this time.

2) Had a misunderstanding on Twitter that led to some unpleasantness. A couple emails have improved the situation but I hate when I accidentally upset people, especially people I like and respect.

3) Half the things I wanted to do at work, or were actually part of my regular job routine, I couldn’t do because of my ankle. So I was mostly useless today, at a time when my workload for Crossed Genres is incredibly high. Plus I HATE being unproductive.

4) a web designer dissed the Crossed Genres website. (I’m mostly kidding, this is an exaggeration. The exact comment was “A little oldschool, is all… ^^; ” But then after my sarcastic comment “if you know anyone who’s willing to do a redesign of our site for free, send them my way,” others started talking about actually doing a redesign – even after I said “I have the skills to completely redesign our site, if I wanted. I just don’t have the time.” I just wasn’t in the mood.)

5) The commute home, limping with my hurt ankle, was rough. Commuters can be real assholes, and this is never more clear than when you’re injured, elderly, wrangling a child, or otherwise in real need of a seat.

6) A few other things that are personal and I don’t want to post here. They were angering and uncomfortable.

7) To cap the night off, I spent over 3 hours working on the Science in My Fiction contest digital formats. Just when I thought I had it all done, I converted it to EPUB and loaded it on my iPhone. There were a number of major problems I’d never seen before. When I opened it up again, the entire file was corrupt; all the code is completely un-salvageable. I’m going to have to start over from the beginning.

When I tweeted “Yesterday I ordered a new computer. Today I sprained my left ankle. Badly. Coincidence? I think not. #fatesabitch #Icanthavenicethings” I was kidding. Except apparently not. Maybe I should cancel the computer order.

Oh, yeah – I haven’t mentioned that here, have I? Yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a new computer:

Sweet, huh? I upgraded it to the quad-core processor, got the dedicated 1GB and added more RAM. I got an employee discount through work. Best of all, when I called about it, I ended up spending $200 less than I’d originally thought!

This computer is a combination early birthday present and Crossed Genres necessity. My current computer, a laptop, is about 3 years old, and while it works, it just can’t keep up with the various things I need to do for CG; it sometimes can’t run an old version of Photoshop when no other program is running. Not good for getting CG stuff done. It’ll take some serious getting used to – I’ve used laptops for years, and Absurd Screen is absurd (21.5″). (No, I’m not actually going to cancel the order. Though if tomorrow starts out anything like today I may seriously consider it.)

There have been a few good things today:

– My coworker was kind enough to run a review copy of A Festival of Skeletons around the corner to the post office when I couldn’t because of my ankle.
– Kay is awesome. She handled dinner & Baz while I sat like a lump because I couldn’t walk or stand for long. Dinner was delish too!
– When Baz was warned about my ankle, he actually heeded the warning and managed to cuddle and play with me without hitting it. Impossible to stay grumpy during Baz-time!

Tomorrow Kay and Baz are going out to the cottage for an overnight. I’ll have some uninterrupted time to redo the digital editions, and hopefully get some other things off my ridiculously long todo list taken care of. If only I had a new computer do get those things done… but maybe it’s good I don’t. The way today has gone, if I had the computer in hand I’d probably break something while Kay is out of town with the car.

But it’s plain to see, evil inside of me is on the rise

Always nice to know the bank gives a shit about you. A check clearing unexpectedly – on the same day as over a dozen transactions Kay made in AZ were processed – caused us to overdraft by about $30. But the bank put the transactions through in order, largest through smallest, so by the time it got to the overdraft amount, it was on the $5-$10 transactions. The result? FIVE overdraft fees. $140. I went over there and complained, and they said they’d put through a refund request, but I doubt anything will come of it. While I was there the woman tried to sell me on overdraft protection and a new, better credit card.

So our finances suck right now. Really, royally suck. They’ll get better – slowly. Still, like the $1500 cost of Kay’s trip wasn’t bad enough! (NOT blaming Kay. She had to make that trip. It just hit hard.) It also doesn’t help that we started a sale in CG a couple days ago to try and help – 25% off everything! – and no one’s bought a single damn thing. That’s pretty disheartening. And we’re postponing our planned tattoos, too. (That, I don’t mind so much. I felt like we were rushing them a bit.)

But! We’re going to the Cape for a couple days this weekend, with my mom and my uncle. Hopefully the weather will be nice, but it should be fun. And the announcement of the Science in My Fiction contest winners is imminent – just waiting on one thing. Excitement!

So much going on, so little to talk about. Here – have some Sharktopus!

Post title from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I can stand up and face the world

What a week.

As some of you heard, Kay’s father died on Tuesday. I’ll leave comments to her.

Kay flew out to Arizona on Thursday. The funeral is this Wednesday, and she flies back to Boston on Saturday. That means that it’s just me and Baz for 9 days. Almost. On Saturday my sister Joan took Baz for a few hours while I cleaned like mad for the party on Sunday. Then on Sunday, mom took him around 3:15 and kept him overnight so I could drink at the party safely. 😉 She dropped him off at preschool this morning.

On Saturday I seriously spent a good 8 hours cleaning, doing laundry… Ugh it was exhausting. It was hot that day too, so I really needed the shower I took after. On Sunday, Baz and I drove out to the Burlington Trader Joe’s to meet Jaym Gates and Don Pizarro. After shopping, we all came back to my place; Baz went down for a (very short) nap while Jaym and Don prepped for dinner, and I tried to stay out of the way. Sadly Don couldn’t stay to actually eat, though he did get some of the salsa! Around the time mom showed up to get Baz, Jaym drove with Don back to the hotel that Readercon had been in, picked up another person, then took that person to the train station and Don to the airport, then back the hotel to pick up another person, Connie, then back here. In retrospect I wish I’d known/thought to offer/been asked to make at least one of those runs.

People started arriving at 5. There were 7 people total: Me, Jaym, Marlin, Abe, Kathryn, Athena, & Connie.

The food was amazing – if Jaym ever offers to cook for you, let her! 😉 After food we had a great time chatting about various things (many to do with SFF fandom) and getting tipsy. The last people left around… 10:30, I think. It’s a bit of a blur.

Today (Monday) I’d arranged to have off of work, and I’m glad I did because i was exhausted. I slept in until almost 9am, which is crazy late for me. I took my time with breakfast and played a bit of Wii Sports in the morning. I’d intended to use the day productively, but I was fried so I just spent the day relaxing. I watched the first four episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender. It’s a fun show. I stopped because I think Kay would enjoy it, and I don’t want to re-watch too much later.

Also, mom’s iPhone finally arrived! It was delivered to me even though she paid for it – I guess because I’m the primary on the account. Great timing for it being delivered the work day I happened to be off work, but boo to FedEx for not coming until 4:11pm! Ironically mom’s out at the cottage for tonight so she can’t even get it right away.

Back to work tomorrow… boo. After 3 very full days off I’m just glad it’ll be a 4-day week. But the extra work of wrangling baz alone is probably going to completely wipe me out by this weekend.