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Don’t plan the plan if you can’t follow through

First: Vote! If you’re in the U.S., go out and cast your vote. Every single one matters – especially yours!

The past month has been insanely busy, though there have been odd moments of calm. The last few days of October (the 27th through the 30th), most of my time was spent reading submissions (more on what submissions below), because I actually couldn’t do anything with other projects – they were either done, or I was waiting for some info or something. I had a few mild panic attacks during those few days when I realized I’d done nothing but read for a while and thought “OMGIshouldbedoing… oh no. Wait.”

Most projects are progressing nicely, though. The Kickstarter for A Festival of Skeletons ended with $538 (the goal was $300). One $38 pledge failed, but that’s still 167% of the goal, so not bad. I admit I was a bit disappointed by the number of preorders, but we worked hard to push them – there’s only so much we can do. We’ll see if we can create a nice release day (12/1). Crossed Genres Year Two is set, and yesterday we got in copies of it for review; I’m currently contacting reviewers about it. Yesterday we also got in 100 postcards of the cover of Festival, which look pretty nice! (Postcards were a reward for various levels of the Kickstarter.) We’ve never ordered postcards before so we didn’t know what to expect in terms of quality. But we’re pretty happy.

As you may have read about on the CG blog, there are some big changes coming to CG, the way it’s structured and such. Most of that is being spearheaded by Jaym & Natania, who are taking our encouragement to “Make CG your own” very seriously! 😉 But Kay and I have discussed all the changes with them ahead of time and we agree that it’s all good stuff. Some of it’s even things that we’ve considered in the past but never had time or impetus to implement.

It is REALLY weird that right now, I’m not frantically reading through CG submissions so that Kay and I can argue over decide which stories to choose. I’ve got plenty to work on, but this point of every month for the past two years has ALWAYS included tons of short story reading, usually in a rush to get through them all. It feels very strange, and I want to panic that itwon’tgetdoneARGH! except that I just talked to Natania a second ago and they’re totally on top of it.

Fortunately I have other short stories to read, for another project I’m working on! I’m not going to talk about it too much ATM, though I’ve mentioned it here before. But I will say: holy DAMN did I hit the jackpot. These were invitation-only submissions, and I invited people who I already know are talented writers. The result is probably the best overall quality from a pool of submissions that I’ve ever seen. Not to dis our previous submitters (a lot of the people I invited are people we’ve previously published, in fact), but with open submissions you get everything from great, can’t-put-it-down stories to stuff so bad you don’t get through the first page. And that’s every month. But when inviting people whose work you’re already familiar with, you don’t get those terrible dud stories. I’m about 3/4 of the way through my first reads, and I haven’t seen a real dud yet. Some appeal to me more than others, but that’s just because of my preferences. Overall the quality is truly exceptional. It’ll probably be harder than ever before to narrow down my selections. (Note: Editors do not consider this a bad problem to have.)

It’s November, which means: It’s NaNoWriMo time!!! I haven’t invested much in NaNo for a while – after Kay and I each won in 2006 & 2007, we didn’t finish in 2008 and didn’t even sign up in 2009 – we had other priorities, what with CG growing and Baz getting bigger and such. But this year, we’re sort of half-attempting it. We’re not putting a lot of pressure on ourselves, so odds are we won’t come close to the 50,000 word goal. But really, all we’re looking for is to feed off the collective motivations of all them NaNo-ers. Last night I wrote about 670 words in the 45 minutes before bed – not too bad, considering I didn’t even know what I was going to write on when I sat down to start! we’ll just see how that all goes. I will say that it felt really good to be writing! And what I wrote was very different from the sort of thing I usually write. That was interesting.

You know the best way to NOT get used to wearing contacts? Forget to wear them for days at a time. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I realized I’d forgotten for the 3rd day in a row. *headdesk* I set an alarm on my phone to remind me, so hopefully I’ll do better from now on.

The most interesting thing about my schedule now, looking into the near future, is that while it’s still quite full, it’s not so… deadline-y. There aren’t a lot of things that require my IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!!!1! Usually I spend the first half of each month working feverishly on the new CG issue. Now? Not my problem responsibility. Most things on my list now won’t be aversely affected if I bump them back a day or two. This will take some serious getting used to. Maybe I should add a 1-month project to give myself a close deadline…

Oh, yeah – Vote!

post title from “A Man’s Gotta Do” from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Whomp! …and various other occurences

What a bizarre, crazy, full day.

This morning my boss called out sick (actually texted) for the 2nd straight day. It was slow so it didn’t matter, and I’d rather have him out than getting me sick.

A while later I finished the last touches on CG’s upcoming Crossed Genres Year Two and sent it off to the printer! YAY! An official announcement about that is forthcoming. But it was just a huge relief to check that off my list. I also finished a few more small CG things.

At noon, I went for a long-overdue eye exam, and got fitted with contacts. I had contacts when I was in college and for a bit thereafter, but I eventually got lazy and reverted to glasses. But my glasses have been bothering me lately, hurting the bridge of my nose, and Baz tends to do them a lot of damage. So I decided it was time to go back. My prescription turned out to be only a bit different, but holy crap, what a huge change! It’s not just the prescription, but the way the lenses sit on the eyes completely changes perspective. And there’s no constant border around my vision (the glasses frames). Although I feel a bit of extra pressure in my head (the optometrist did warn me that I could experience eye strain for a while), I’m enjoying the contacts immensely.

To my delight, my new computer arrived! I knew it was “out for delivery”, but I thought that my mom would be out of the house when it arrived (I had it shipped to her because I knew I wouldn’t be at home when they tried to deliver, and mom graciously agreed to wait and sign for it). But it arrived in a little window of time she was at home in the afternoon, which meant I don’t have to wait until tomorrow! Yes – I am typing this post on my new computer.

And OMG, it’s going to take as much getting used to as my contacts. I have NEVER had a computer like this. I’ve been using laptops forever, and even when I had a desktop I never had a screen like this! I haven’t put it through real trials yet, but so far it’s done everything I tried flawlessly. I’m still in the getting-software-installed phase, and transferring files from my old computer – the old comp had a 60GB hard drive, which is full. This new one? 750GB. Yyyyeah. Not seeing that get full anytime soon. Hell, Kay and I have an external drive for backup that’s 250GB, and after 2 years we haven’t even filled it halfway. And that’s with a ton of redundant copies.

Also, the screen on this thing? It’s 21.5″. My laptop: 15″. It’s absurd. I HAVE to have better posture when using this, because getting too close is painful. New enormous, bright screen the same day I get new contacts? Hello, eye strain!

Anyway, I’m going to play around with it for a while longer and then write a more detailed opinion blog. I only unpacked it about 2 hours ago so I haven’t really gotten the chance to get a thorough impression.

For some reason Kay was craving teriyaki stirfry. So I left work a bit early, hopped in the car near home and zipped over to the supermarket for some teriyaki sauce, and then went back to get Kay and Baz. Mom met us at home shortly after with the computer. (I was planning to go get it, but she had to drive over right near us to pick up my sister Joan’s daughter anyway so she offered to bring it. It wasn’t too heavy, fortunately.)

When I stopped for the stir-fry sauce, I checked my email and discovered that I’d gotten an email about a review of A Festival of Skeletons going up. And it’s a great review, too! “A Festival of Skeletons is like a love child of Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin – a pacy, intelligent comedy novel that’s crazier than a cat on catnip, with excellent characterisation that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Highly recommended.” Very nice!

After dinner it was my night with Baz, so I just ignored the big brown box with the computer and played with him. We did legos, watched a bit of A:tLA, wrassled… yeah, it was fun. =)

It was a bit less fun when, while wrassling, Baz decided to climb over me and put his finger in my eye. Knocking the contact lens half-out. That wasn’t fun. Kay kept Baz at bay while I cleaned the lens and put it back in. Baz was very apologetic – it was an accident after all.

As soon as Baz was in bed I cracked open the computer (duh!). I had forgotten that I needed to name it until it asked me, and then I was stumped – most of my computers have been McFly, but this is like McFly’s badass grandson. Kay dubbed it “Whomp”, and it stuck.

The next few days will involve lots of installing, testing, etc. Never the most fun time with a computer, but it’ll be worth it.

Now I’m going to pull out a film and see how this HD screen and pricey video card handle it.