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Everybody’s smellin’ my potpourri

So many things to post about!

  • 1. Tiptree Award!

The Tiptree Award was announced last week, and a story originally published in Crossed Genres’ Characters of Color issue (#24) made the Honor List! “The James Tiptree, Jr. Award is an annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender.” Sandra McDonald’s “Drag Queen Astronaut” was described as “a wonderful exploration (and ultimately an affirmation) of a gender presentation that tends to be ignored or ridiculed.”

We’re immensely proud of this. Since we founded Crossed Genres in September ’08, we’ve always had a goal for CG to be progressive, open and actively inclusive. We’ve worked to further this with issues dedicated to under-represented groups (LGBTQ, Eastern, Characters of Color). This nod is an acknowledgment of that work and it’s immensely satisfying.

  • 2. CG print subscription (?)

CG is also considering something we’ve wanted to do since we founded the zine: Print subscriptions! We’ve never been able to make it work before, but we might now be able to! We’re taking a sounding of people to see if there’s enough interest. If you’d be interested in a reasonably priced (~$30/year) print subscription to CG Magazine, go here and let us know! (Or reply right here, that’s fine too…)

  • 3. Ebook Coordinator / Promotions Coordinator

Also, CG is looking for an Ebook Coordinator. We need someone who can manage accounts for CG’s ebooks on various ebook distribution platforms (Like Kindle, iBookstore, PubIt, Smashwords, etc.). If you’re interested check out the listing on the site!

  • 4. Diana Wynne Jones / Geraldine Ferraro / Elizabeth Taylor

I was heartbroken to learn of the death of Diana Wynne Jones on Saturday. I read Jones’ books heavily when I was a kid, and have always remembered them vividly; The Lives of Christopher Chant in particular, as well as Charmed Life, Howl’s Moving Castle, Fire and Hemlock, Power of Three, and her short story collection Warlock at the Wheel and Other Stories, etc. The skill and beauty of her writing is something all writers of fantasy should aspire to.

In a nasty bit of irony, I’m a member of a Twitter “Tweetup” group: we get together each Sunday, all start playing a film at the same time, and tweet about it. We focus on the films of Hiyao Miyazaki, and this week we had already arranged to watch his adaptation of Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle. We did so earlier today; it was both fun and sad.

If Jones wasn’t bad enough, just 3 days earlier legendary film actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away; and then only hours after hearing about Jones, news spread of the death of Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman Vice Presidential candidate for a major party (D-1984). It was a bad week for talented, exceptional women. They’ll be missed.

  • 5. AKIRA Fail

You may recall my previous post in which I described the Utter Fail that was Paramount and M. Night Shyamalan’s handling of casting in the film The Last Airbender. Well apparently film studios are incapable of learning from each other, because Warner Brothers is at it now, this time with the seminal Manga/Anime Akira. Evidently, not only is Warner brothers relocating the story from Japan to “Neo-Manhattan”, but they are targeting a handful of prominent white actors to play the main male characters of Tetsuo and Kanedawhile keeping the characters’ original names. Apparently it makes more sense to WB to cast a mid-20’s white guy to play a teenage Asian character than it does to cast… a teenage Asian actor? (I’m particularly incensed about this one – the film of AKIRA was part of my introduction to Anime.)

  • 6. BarCamp Boston / ReaderCon

Kay and I are debating whether to go to Bar Camp Boston in a couple weekends from now. I’ve heard about it for a couple years now but never gone; this year 2 friends have independently asked if I was going. It does sound like it would be fun, and a good way to network. We’ll see. Anyone out there going?

Also, I’ve applied for a table for CG at ReaderCon in July. There’s no guarantees – apparently it’s a tough con to get a table at, especially for new/small presses, but I’m staying hopeful. We want to have the official release of Kelly Jennings’ Broken Slate be at ReaderCon! We should find out sometime in April.

  • 7. Taxes

ARGH! would be my general reaction to tax time. As it is for everyone I suppose. Our taxes tend to be complicated because of CG, and last year was quite a challenge to figure out; it was made worse when we ended up owing $1200 that we didn’t have.

This year I strongly considered hiring someone to do it, but it was too expensive and I figured we’d be losing $ again, though hopefully not as badly as last year – I didn’t want to add more to that. So I did it myself again, this weekend. Fortunately what I’d learned last year stuck with me and I remembered most of it, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. Even better, I discovered that not only do we not owe $ to federal OR state, we’re actually getting a small but nice refund! ZOMGYAY! Huge relief!

  • 8. Birthdays

It is birthday time for my immediate family. Almost 2 weeks ago, it was my sister’s birthday, and then this past week was my niece Ruth’s. In a couple weeks it’ll be my mom’s, and then 1 1/2 months after that – BAZ’S! And then a couple more weeks until my nephew Isaac’s. Kay and I are the outliers – what else is new?

For my sister’s birthday we went to The Chocolate Bar in Boston. It’s an absurd amount of decadence that you can only do very rarely – not just for the cost but there’s only so much chocolate you can eat in one go! It was a lot of fun, and Baz, bless ‘im, ate mostly fruit that was intended for dipping in chocolate sauce. Fortunately kids under 5 are free! 😉




— Post title from “S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)” from Phineas & Ferb —


Good News Giveaway: interesting, inspiring, odd, and the winner!

The Good News Giveaway was a pretty good success! There were a total of 14 entries – not bad! Not surprisingly (to anyone who knows me), a lot of them were writing related. I thought I’d share a few of the most unique, unusual, etc., and give out some non-awards, and ebooks!

Best Story About Writing

This award goes to Tammy Salyer, for her blog post The Magic of Mentors. Tammy tells how she dusted off a snippet of story written over 5 years ago as an exercise in a writing workshop, polished it up, and got it accepted for publication! It’s always exciting to get published, and rejuvenating an old favorite is especially gratifying.
Honorable Mention goes to Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who tweeted that he “Got final contract for my first novel and sold first short story to an antho.” This is awesome success but I gave the edge to Tammy for her more complete telling of the tale, which was very satisfying to read.

For this award, Tammy gets a copy of the latest issue of GUD Magazine!

Best Personal/Non-Personal Share

Via Twitter, Jetse DeVries shared a link not personal to him, but significant to many:

“This makes me hopeful: http://is.gd/n2saQo Apart from Terry Pratchett, it would make other Alzheimer patients happy.”

The linked article is about significant progress being made towards a nasally-delivered vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease (with which author Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed, hence the mention). There are instances of Alzheimer’s in my family, and for everyone out there who is or knows someone at-risk for the frightening disease, this is great news. (The vaccine is a 2-in-1, also protecting against strokes. Double bonus!)
Because Jetse tweeted from the @shineanthology twitter account (he is the editor, after all), he gets a copy of the CGP anthology Crossed Genres Year Two.

Most Interesting Interpretation of ‘Good News’

“Good news, Everyone~ We finally finished packing up all of my father in law’s porn.”

I can say with absolute honesty that I never expected to see both “father-in-law” and “porn” in the same #GoodNewsShare. But that’s exactly what ImpChan sent. I asked for clarification – and got it. “My father in law passed away, and we need to pack up his house so we can sell it. That includes his porn.” While the explanation took away a bit of the oddness of the story, this is still pretty unusual, though I can see how from ImpChan’s point of view it’s good to have that awkward task out of the way.

I kind of wish I had an erotic anthology to give away for this one, but instead ImpChan can enjoy the first issue of M-Brane Press’ new fantasy zine, Fantastique Unfettered!

The ‘Every Good News Award Needs a Cute Pets Video’ Award

Though I have to say, when tessercat said “We have a new puppy. She is adorable. And best of all, the cat likes her!” I was expecting something a bit different. There’s not a lot of love, or even ‘like’ in that cat from what I can see. Here’s further photographic evidence that the cat is, in fact, plotting the new arrival’s downfall.

For this multimedia gem, tessercat gets a copy of the M-Brane Press collection The 12 Burning Wheels by Cesar Torres.

The Close To Home Award

This one is a tie! Between Casey Seda and Clothdragon!

Casey got 2 good pieces of news: First, when he successfully defended the research for his dissertation, thereby putting him just one (admittedly large) step away from completing Grad School; and second, when he found out he was awarded a $750 grant to present his research at a conference! Yay academic achievement!
And speaking of academic achievement, but on the other end of the spectrum, Clothdragon shared:

“Little Girl [her daughter], who is having trouble with spelling, was able to call out Husband for spelling a word wrong. It may seem a little thing, it is a little thing, but it’s a step past being able to spell when you KNOW you’re right and someone else is wrong. (Yes, he did it purposely — because he’s quirky like that.)”

(As someone with a 4-year-old, I’m a sucker for stories about kids hitting learning milestones!)
For this excellent academia, Casey and Clothdragon each get BOTH: an ebook of GUD issue #5, AND an ebook of Crossed Genres Issue 24 (double-sized Characters of Color issue)!

And now…


The Winner of the first Good News Giveaway is…


Over on Livejournal, torreybird shared this wonderful snippet of news:

On Monday, my husband left his career to pursue his passion: knifemaking. I could not be more excited, more thrilled, more eagerly awaiting, more proud: with all of the risks tallied, the budgets examined, the uncertainties of the economy, he is courageous and clear-headed.

Now, knifemaking isn’t my thing. But that’s not the point. The point is that it’s his, and he’s going for it. It takes a great deal of courage, dedication and passion to give up your career, especially with the job market and economy the way they are, to pursue a dream. Most people in the world probably won’t ever do this. So to him I offer a big congratulations, and that also extends to torreybird, for recognizing his desire to pursue a dream and encouraging it, rather than standing in the way to play it safe. That takes just as much courage.


Everyone who has a book coming, please email me at bartleib-at-subvertthespace-dot-com. To everyone who participated: THANK YOU! And I hope everyone who reads this is a bit cheerier than they were before.

9 hours left to enter the Good News Giveaway! 1.6 million words of free fiction from Crossed Genres, GUD, M-Brane SF!

Just got finished putting the spare tire on our car, after a screw got embedded in the regular one. That’s right – we got screwed, literally.

Which means NOW is the perfect time to send your good news to me and possibly win the Good News Giveaway! Entries will close at 8 PM EST tonight!! Just send a story of some good news, and you could win over 1,600,000 words of fiction from Crossed Genres Publications, GUD Magazine, and M-Brane Press!

That’s a lot of FREE reading material just for sharing some good news and cheering people up! Free to enter, too! Please go read the original announcement for where to send your entries. There are only about half a dozen entries at the moment – good odds to win!

Remember – 8:00 PM EST tonight!

P.S. – You can tweet your good news with the #GoodNewsGive hashtag!

Good News Giveaway: Share your good news, win over 1,000,000 words from Crossed Genres, GUD, M-Brane Press!

So I had a lousy day. Really, really lousy.

And I was about to ask people to share some good news, to cheer me up. But then I thought: Why just me? Everyone could use some good news! So I made up a contest:

The Good News Giveaway

How does it work?
You share your (recent!) good news with me. Leave a comment on my blog or Livejournal, email it to me (bartleib-at-subvertthespace-dot-com), or link me to your own blog post about it. Be as descriptive (or not) as you want. Heck, if you can fit it in, tweet it to me using the hashtag #GoodNewsGive. The good news can be personal or world-reaching, political, non-partisan, life-and-death or singularly touching, you name it. But make it awesome.

Good news entries will be accepted until 8pm US EST on Sunday, March 6. I’ll read all the entries – I may blog a few of the ones that catch my attention along the way. After the deadline, I’ll pick the one I think is the best Good News, which will be announced on Monday March 7.

Why should I enter?
You mean besides sharing good news with a ton of people, spreading happiness and just generally improving the mood of the world? Not good enough?

Okay, how’s this: The winner will get a HUGE bundle of ebooks! I’ll be including everything that Crossed Genres Publications currently has available: every issue, every book, the new Quarterly, all of it! Not enough? Well the winner ALSO gets ebooks of every issue of GUD Magazine, 0 through 6! Still not enough? ALSO included is a ton of publications from M-Brane Press! All together, that’s over 1.6 million words! Wow! Here’s a list of everything that’s included in the ebook package:

Big thanks to Kaolin Fire of GUD and Chris Fletcher of M-Brane SF for allowing me to include their publications!

What qualifies as “Good news”?
That’s a good question! It’s pretty subjective. So I’ll just say, did you consider it good news? Then that counts!

So how come you get to choose what the “best” news is?
Because I thought up the contest, and I’m hosting it. 😉 And I’m the one who had the bad day, though I’m sure there were plenty of others who did too. I’ll try to pick good news that the majority of people will appreciate.

Can we send news about Bieber’s birthday? Or the hilarity of Charlie Sheen?
Sure you can. You won’t win the contest, but you can send them.

Can we include pics or video to enhance our entry and try to influence your vote?
Heck yes! Manipulate my emotions! The point is to share good news, and sometimes sharing is best when there are visual aids.


In addition to the winner, I’ll also pick a few runners-up, who will get a smaller sampling of the ebooks.

That’s it! The lines are open until Sunday at 8pm: let’s have your news! And please share the contest on your blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. – hopefully everyone will enjoy the happy!


Fine print

  • By sending me your news you’re giving me permission to re-share the news online. After all, the point is to cheer people up, and you can’t do that without sharing the news! Your story may be re-blogged!
  • You maintain all rights to your story. I’m not asking for any publication rights.
  • Please send no more than 3 pieces of good news. You might make people jealous!